Hardwood lumber

Our sawings are graded according to the CTBA ruler, or according to customer demands, to obtain the best quality in value for money.

We product unedged lumber and beech boules, oak boules, hardwood boules.
A team of wood industry professionals and high performance precise equipment guarantee top-quality sawing, rigorous selection of our products.
  • Unedged lumber
  • All hardwoods
  • Debarked, graded
  • Thickness:
    18 to 100 mm
  • Boules
  • Beech – Oak – Ash
  • Trimmed on first visual knot
  • Debarked, straight
  • Thickness:
    18 to 100 mm


Hardwood lumber gallery

Oak boules Beech boules barking Oak boules stacking Beech boules
Oak Boules BME Oak boules Hardwood boules Beech boules BME